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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XVII - The Aces

March 20, 2019

Saying that The Aces are taking over the world would be an understatement. From non-stop touring with major acts such as 5 Seconds of Summer, COIN, and X Ambassadors, to releasing their debut album in the spring of 2018, to a nearly completely sold out headline North American tour, this group of musicians have showcased not only their talent, but also their drive, hard work, and you might even say, mogulity.

The Aces comprise of Cristal Ramirez as lead vocals and guitar, Katie Henderson as lead guitar and vocals, McKenna Petty on bass, and Alisa Ramirez on drums. These four friends have known each other for years, and have been making music together since childhood, playing shows together at events on their home turf of Provo, Utah. Starting out under the name ‘The Blue Aces’, the band spent years performing at their local venues, gaining popularity & recognition in, and out, of their hometown.


Eventually simplifying the name, The Aces were signed under Red Bull Records, and released a four track EP in 2017 titled ‘I Don’t Like Being Honest’. This collection of indie pop anthems resulted in a huge surge of growth for the band, specifically with ‘Stuck’ gaining major radio play and traction online. Followed by months of touring across the world, all while writing and recording to gear up for their upcoming debut album, The Aces fanbase expanded tremendously. A tight knit community of kind and passionate people emerged, supporting not only the band they all shared a love for, but also supporting each other.


The Aces released their debut album, ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’ in April of 2018, a record full of beautifully written narratives exploring heartbreak, unhealthy relationships, lust, and outright fake friends. Although the album is closing in on a year old, it has remained a constant favorite for us at Tuesday since it's release. WMHFV is only a taste of what The Aces have to offer, as the band has already teased at writing for upcoming projects.


We had the chance to talk with The Aces at their last show with COIN, in Denver, Colorado last spring. From inspirations, to goals, to what tour life is really like, spend some time getting to know this amazing group if you don’t already. The Tuesday Team loves The Aces tremendously, not only as artists but as people, as they are some of the most hardworking and invested musicians in the industry. They serve as an inspiration to thousands across the globe, and we hope they never stop grinding. Tour time queens forever.



You can find The Aces' debut album on Spotify and Apple Music, and make sure to keep up with them on Instagram and Twitter!



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