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March 7, 2019

With lyrics heavy and a voice to match, indie singer/songwriter Samia has stolen our hearts time and time again. From her earliest release ‘Welcome to Eden’ clad with biblical references and the weight of loss and mourning, to her latest EP ‘Lasting Friend / Paris’, a double release of punchy pop songs and infectious choruses. Samia gained a majority of her following and streams after her single ‘Someone Tell the Boys’ found its way onto a major Spotify playlist, tuning in listening ears ready to hear what else she had to offer, and goddamn does she have more to give. Samia writes from a refreshing perspective, an apathetic woman tired of men and their blabber, or a mourning sister and friend, bringing in her own intriguing dynamic to the indie scene.

Sometimes she’s telling locker room stories about boys touching her boobs in gym class with, or serenading us with tales of love and lust with soft acoustic guitars, but through and through she shows masterful vocal control. From loud and belty cries to impossibly airy falsettos, Samia can literally do it all, keeping us always coming back and the replay button clicked. Not to mention her production is always stunning, knowing when to utilize gritty guitar and drums or soft piano to accentuate her rhetoric.


Samia will be going on tour with Hippo Campus in North America through this upcoming spring, and will also be headlining Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY this June, check out full tour dates here. And be sure to keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter!



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