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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XVIII - Morgan Saint

March 27, 2019


Whether you’ve known it or not, Morgan Saint has been soundtracking the most effervescent parts of your adolescence since her 2017 release of ‘17 HERO’. I’ve fallen absolutely head over heels for this New York native, as she continuously gives us sultry and smoky synth-pop tunes to accompany every night you find yourself slightly out of tune, trying to come back to center. It’s easy to get lost in the euphoric dreamscape of Morgan’s — cutting off your hair, falling in and out of a monumental love, racing hearts as you brush arms with that one person who is very obviously, just a friend. Using breathy samples and indulgent production, she breaks out of the typical pop sound and adopts an R&B feel along with some alt-grittiness. Not only does Morgan break boundaries within her music, she also is a massive example of defying the binary and embracing androgyny. She shows us that you can wake up every day and present however feel like presenting, never having to adhere to one end of the spectrum or the other. Morgan is also very open about her sexuality, speaking out on why she doesn’t want to be stuck in a box or labeled as one thing or another, and advocating for the LGBTQ+ youth. With an addictive sound and important rhetoric, it’s hard not to adore Morgan Saint. Listen to New Regime on those night drives with your friends and feeling invincible, listen to Falling when you are still reeling from coming off of a love-high, and listen to My Sunshine when you’re trying to find the beauty in vulnerability.


 Make sure to keep up with Morgan on Instagram & Twitter, and to catch her on tour this upcoming spring!


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