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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XLVII - Mallrat

October 16, 2019


Mallrat is making the type of music that resonates with me on the first listen, instantly finding its way to my very core. Whether it’s a sappy love song or the throws of ending up at a party you really don’t want to be at, you can put yourself in her shoes, feeling like you’re right there with her. With the release of her new EP ‘Driving Music’ came along some of my favorite songs of all time, as in if I could only ever listen to this record for the rest of time I think I’d be content. Each and every track strikingly different from the last, giving them the ability to stand independently or melt together forming this full body of work. Lead single ‘Charlie’ is one that has stuck with me most, with dissonant piano and hand pats creating this organic and beautiful atmosphere for this truly perfect love song to unfold in, I just want to bask in this song until the end of time. Her lyrics are so real and personable that even if you aren’t in love, you’ll still be able to sink into this song, feeling every bit of it wholly. She perfectly encapsulates the warmth and desire for someone, hoping you’ll find a way into their dreams, feening for any form of closeness with them. Melting my heart line after line, wrapping me up in a sun gilded blanket of love and longing. On the very opposite side of the feeling-spectrum we have another all time favorite ‘When I Get My Braces Off’ which has become my new indie hype up anthem. The lyrics are quick witted and the production is synth based, and within seconds of spinning this song you’ll be on your feet dancing. This song makes me feel absolutely unstoppable, bringing me back to night drives with friends between shows, flying down the highway with the windows down and feeling entirely infinite. Mallrat is making music for everyone and for any occasion, whether you are getting ready for a night of beautiful chaos or are diving head first into a new found love.


Make sure to keep up with Mallrat on her Instagram & Twitter, and to stream her latest EP, Driving Music on Spotify & Apple Music!

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