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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XXII - Donna Missal

April 24, 2019


Donna Missal is a pop powerhouse that has a song for any and every night filled with tears or lust or longing for some sort of solace. It’s an understatement to say that Donna’s debut record ‘This Time’ has changed my life. The album opening with the anthemic ‘Girl’, an ode to women supporting women through thick and thin. Then closing with the sultry and almost eerie ‘Don’t Say Goodnight’, a stunning outro composed of classical style trumpets and smoky vocals bringing you back to every 1920’s film set in a hazy speakeasy, glitzy flappers on stage and low brimmed hats lining the room. Donna is a master of seamless production, making her hybrid style of pop/rnb/soul feel so effortless and innate. Each track existing in its own atmosphere, some being soft and demure, others filled with edges and strife. This is one of those albums I can play cover to cover on waited so long to tell. Stories of an addicting love that won’t leave your veins, hearts so cold they shimmer like steel, the push and pull of mental illness, going between the highs and lows—trying to come to terms with the valleys and plateaus. Donna is truly one of the artists I look up to most, she is breaking up the idea of genre, and is easily one of the most talented vocalists of this generation, spreading awareness for healthy vocal habits while still literally cracking venue floors with her voice. Whatever you are looking for in music, her discography will have it. If you need a moment to self reflect and lull yourself of the edge, to yell and kick and scream out your strain, or to remind yourself that this time and the next will be all yours. Wherever you’re coming from, you can find yourself in this record.



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