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Weekly Women Wednesday Volume XXXII - RIAH

July 3, 2019


Since her debut in three years back, Riah has been one of my all time favorite artists, her addictive hooks never leaving my head and her songs always earning a spot on each of my seasonal playlists. So when she announced the release date of her debut EP ‘Heartbreak Magic’, I was nothing less than ecstatic. Texting all my friends about it and raving about her lead single ‘Growing Up’ to literally anybody that would listen. Riah has a way of navigating this busy and cluttered world of pop and synth, and making it into something so concise and fresh, conceptualizing her tracks around dreams she’s had while still remaining real and honest. This EP opens with the grungy and hazy title track ‘Heartbreak Magic’, with distorted vocals and some French prose, painting the desolate—almost post-apocalyptic—theme, something new and darker that we haven't really seen from Riah. Showing that she really is capable of anything, she can build up these dreamscapes in any manner she wants, each just as immersive and stunning as the next. She can evoke feelings of watching the sun come up on nights with friends where the time just escapes you, or moments trying to make sense of a love so surreal you can’t wrap your mind around it. All using her genius production and insane vocal capabilities. These six tracks are a beautiful cultivation of everything Riah embody’s, and this is only the beginning.


Be sure to stream 'Heartbreak Magic' here, and keep up with Riah on Instagram and Twitter

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