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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. LIII - Maggie Rogers

November 27, 2019


Around every 5 years in my life an album has come around that has defined the next chapter of my life, the latest being Maggie Rogers’ debut record ‘Heard it in a Past Life’. I’ve planted so many roots within these songs, in just 11 months since it’s release it has felt like I have lived 12 different lives among each of these tracks. Finding new magic in hidden in every melody and morning dove croon, like I'm listening for the first time all over again, cycling through the record like how autumn turns to spring. In the most confusing and tumultuous year of my life, this record has been the only thing to wash over me with waves of clarity, thinning that dense fog I kept getting lost in. The day Fallingwater was released my best friend and I were driving to see Maggie for the first time in philly, we were deep into the North Carolina mountains sinking into the booming drums and solemn humming, giddy over how Maggie would bring it to life on stage for the first time ever the next day. That show ended up being a landmark night in my life, which is absurdly cheesy yeah, but I mean it. We screamed and cried and let so many old worries go and so much magic in. Maggie Rogers isn’t just a pop star, she’s an elemental force of passion. Pouring over into everything she makes, giving you her all and then some, and it shows. She walks on stage and moves with such a lambent purpose, creating a space for everyone in the room to breathe and find that sort of physical release. I have never felt energy so magnetic or seen someone so open to healing with a group of strangers through art. This record let Maggie shift into a new sector of her life, finally getting to tell her stories of getting swept away in rapid change and falling into a wild love. Now she’s ending off the year coming off of a sold out tour, a Grammy nomination, and somehow releasing the song of the summer in November. Like, I'm not joking when I say that I can put ‘Love You for a Long Time’ on a loop and my heart still skips every time I hear that drum beat kick in. This song feels like the summer sun melting onto your skin like honey in tea, dipping your feet into the lake and feeling the sand beneath you, drawing you back down to Earth. No one can emote quite like Maggie Rogers, somehow captivating the complexity of human emotions into 4 minutes or less. First loves, unkempt nights spent clenching your fists in a sort of reckoning, that feeling of seeing your best friends warm smile after a long, long winter. This is just the starting flame in her embers, and I can’t wait to keep growing along with her, finding and losing ourselves again and again.


Make sure to keep up with Maggie on Instagram & Twitter, along with streaming her latest release, "Love You For A Long Time" on Spotify and Apple Music!

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