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Sleep Tight, Socialite: An Ode to the New.

April 19, 2019


We’ve featured Athens rock trio Wanderwild a few times on Tuesday, and we are so happy to be back writing about them once again, this time to touch on their brand new record ‘Sleep Tight, Socialite’. This album exudes a newfound confidence and power that can only be described as a rebirth, giving us new edges and layers to sink in to while still keeping to the quintessential Wanderwild sound.


This nine track record is striking and vivid, each track not only standing strong as their own entities, but also mending together the vitality that is the album as a whole. Stand out tracks like ‘Back To Your House’ and ‘Right In Front of You’ instantly caught us with their mellow and groovy intros, creating a tangible ambiance. My personal favorite off the record titled ‘Still’ keeps me coming back every time, the percussion leaving my heels bouncing, itching to get up and jump as if I’m performing alongside the band. Track six is another hard hitter, the bold and punchy ’Gold Star’ has definitely become the new lead contender for your ‘late night dancing in your living room and singing as loud as you can’ anthem. All the new has shown us exactly what Wanderwild has to say, while still incorporating classics like ‘Andy’, adding a bit of nostalgia to the mix.



Overall, ‘Sleep Tight Socialite’ feels like the perfect concoction between what Wanderwild fans admire most about the group, and a fresh sound & production that shows off the band’s ability to lead us in a new and exciting era.


We are so proud of these guys, and can not wait to see where they’re headed next. But for now... sleep tight, socialite.


Stream Sleep Tight, Socialite on Spotify and Apple Music, and keep up with Wanderwild on Instagram and Twitter!


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