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'Boy in Jeans' Live, For the Very First Time

January 27, 2019

The excitement in the air was tangible, every single person in the venue was wearing it on their face through toothy smiles, through tapping feet and hushed 'I wonders’. You could feel it everywhere, from the floorboards below to the disco balls glimmering above your head, pure electricity. It had been so long since I’d been to a show with no idea what to expect, and it had been even longer since Ryan had performed on a stage— but you would never know by his graceful and inviting presence that left everyone immersed in his magic.


Before the lights even dimmed, every body in the room was emitting a warm welcome feeling, a sort of unspoken bond of that mutual butterfly-in-your-stomach type feelings. There was a place for everyone there, no matter who you are or who you wanted to be that night. Elsewhere Hall become a safe haven for all the kids who saw themselves in this record, some seeing themselves for the first time. It was the first time ‘Boy in Jeans’ was being played live, almost like a second release for Beatty.





The record was first given to us in the summer, but on that cold night in Brooklyn, we all got to receive these songs all over again, in a new way that will stay so close to our hearts. The stage design was simple and intimate, leaving room for the voices of the crowd to fill the space, singing these lyrics back to Ryan for the very first time. Beatty was radiating with gratitude, as this album was his step forward in a new era of being unapologetic and admiringly real, a record of love and fear and confusion all cultivated into 14 songs. You can imagine how important this show was for him, finally being able to sing out stories of your highest highs and lowest lows, and finding a home right there with strangers in a crowd.




Be sure to check out Ryan Beatty's album, Boy In Jeans, and his Instagram and Twitter.



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