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January 26, 2019


LA raised & Nashville based Lexi Aviles started her solo act in 2017, branding herself under the name Love You Later. This dreamy dance pop artist has been making serious waves recently in the indie music community— from her EP 'How Many Nights Do You Dance With Tears In Your Eyes' released last summer to her upcoming single 'Harder On Myself' just released today. Performing live alongside acts such as Hot Flash Heat Wave, No Vacation, and Hardcastle in 2018, Aviles is just getting started.


Tuesday: We want to start off by saying Happy New Year! What were some of your favorite achievements/experiences in 2018?


Love You Later: Howdy guys, happy new year! Dang, 2018 was definitely a special year for me in a lot of ways. I wrote more songs and played more shows than ever before and every moment of it was golden. I was lucky enough to play SXSW for the first time, moved to Nashville from LA, met some of the most fantastic artists and songwriters, and that’s just to name a few exhilarating moments. I honestly can’t complain. I learned a lot and grew a lot.


Since your debut EP ‘How Many Nights Do You Dance With Tears In Your Eyes’, how do you feel you’ve grown as a writer and as an artist overall?


Since releasing HMNDYDWTIYE?, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve realized it’s extremely important for me to be confident in my artistry and the way that I do things. There’s a difference between confidence and cockiness. I’m never going to be the best and I know that, but I believe in my music so I’m always going to work at it. Trying not to compare myself to others, but instead being inspired by them has been a huge thing for me. It can either positively or negatively affect my mind and actions intensely and choosing to shift my focus has definitely been a difficult thing to do, but it truly makes the biggest difference.


You describe your music as "indie and ambient"; what were some of your biggest influences when you were developing this sound?


This question is so hard because I could name hundreds of influences musical and beyond, but I’ll try and contain myself, lol. Lately, I’m extra super mega inspired by The Japanese House, Fleetwood Mac, Troye Sivan, HONNE, The 1975, and Charlie Puth. They all have such unique sounds and captivate me even when I’ve heard a song 5 million times. I never get tired of it and that, to me, is so inspiring.


Where did your stage name Love You Later come from?


Well, I really love alliterations - I couldn't tell you why exactly but I just think they are fun. The majority of the songs I write are about love and lack there of. So I was clear I wanted to include those two things. I wanted the title to be something that people could ponder and really find their own special meaning to, and that’s when I thought of ‘Love You Later.'


You have a new single coming out on January 25th, 2019, called ‘Harder On Myself’. Tell us about it!


Yes!! This is my favorite song that I have released thus far and I pinky promise I don’t say that about every song, lol. I constantly deal with this internal mind-battle of longing for acceptance from someone I find romantic interest in. I go back and forth in my head like ‘Oh, I think he has feelings” and then “Oh wait, he’s with another girl? Just my luck…” I get my hopes up too high and then I get let down more than I should. He’ll do or say something that shows the lack of interest and at the end of the day, I realize I’m just making it ‘harder on myself.’ And I’m hoping people will relate to this situation. Either way, I think this is certainly one you can dance to, roll down your windows in the car, and scream it at the top of your lungs.


Growing up, who were some of your favorite/most inspirational artists?


I was raised on a lot of soul music - ‘Stevie Wonder’, ‘Earth, Wind, and Fire’, ‘The Temptations’, and lots of 70’s and 80’s pop/rock - The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys, The Police, and Queen just to name a few. For years ever since I could talk, my dad and I used to go to this restaurant in Newport Beach every weekend and we would sing songs from all of these artists at karaoke. It was experiences like that that made me realize music is what I was made to do.


Do you have any advice for any girls trying to make their way in such a male dominated industry?


Holding the title of an ‘independent female artist’ is quite a challenging at times, but honestly sooo worth it. You’re a gem. Take pride in it. Prove them wrong. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Don’t let other people’s opinions control your career. You’re a gem - and especially in the music industry, you’ll get a lot more no’s than yes’ but I promise you that you’ll get just the right amount of yes’! Oh, and did I mention you’re a gem?

You're from LA but you claim Nashville as well, how would you compare the two music scenes & overall culture of the two cities?


Yes, I grew up in Southern California but I live in Nashville currently! I have a love/hate relationship with LA. The weather is always amazing and being right by the beach is such a good feeling that you can’t get anywhere else – and all my life I’ve taken it for granted. But Lost in Los Angeles is really the only song that’s based off of LA and it’s mainly just a metaphor about how I don’t feel at home even though it is home. There’s always been a lack of authenticity here, but it’s made me realize that’s something I love. Which is why I’m moving back to Nashville because it’s completely different there. Nevertheless, LA will always be apart of me and inspires my vibey sounds that make you want to drive on PCH. Nashville just automatically felt like home right when I moved here.


If you could tour with an artist dead or alive who would it be?


Easy. Fleetwood Mac! They’ve continued to inspired me throughout my entire life and I never get tired of listening to them. It would be such a dream come true to open for the greatest band of all time.

You have very emotional heartbreaking lyrics and these very indie dreamy beats, what is your song writing process like? Lyrics or beats first?


I usually write lyrics before melodies. It seems to work better for me that way. Once those two things are in place, I’ll add guitar or synth or whatever. That’s the usual process, but honestly it’s different every time. Pretty much every song is different when it comes to me writing. I don’t like to limit myself to how I write a song because then it starts to seem repetitive, like a formula. I’m really not one to stick to a routine because I always love doing something new and exciting. And that’s how I want to make my music - introduce sounds and freshness that nobody’s really heard before.


What can we expect from Love You Later in 2019?


So much!!! New music, a music video (finally), lots and lots of shows in as many cities I can work out! I want to say hello and hug everyone. It’s going to be a good year, let me tell ya :) Thanks for having Tuesday Zine!! Much love. Cheers.


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We are so excited to see what's to come from Aviles, and you should too. You can find her music on all streaming platforms, including her latest single 'Harder On Myself'. And be sure to check out Love You Later's Instagram, Twitter, and website!



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