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Letter from the Editor.

March 19, 2019

Tuesday started as a personal endeavor looking for some creative release at a time where I was stuck in this sort of overwhelming solitude. Trying to make a place to keep all these ideas somewhere safe, finding a home within others, I ended up with what became an extension of myself. Sharing a little piece of me with the world and allowing others to do the same was something I never fathomed possible or tangible. I wanted to build a team of creatives and found so many amazing and talented women, who make me so proud every day and allow us to expand our voice in this industry. This space has become something beautiful, a space of representation and inclusion. A space I can run away to week after week, breathing out and giving in. After years of being told that there are limited spaces for women in the industry, I needed to create a space to remind you there is room for each and every one of us. So I wanted to write you as a thank you, from the deepest edges of my heart, thank you. For reading when I fell inconsistent and for reading when we were burning with ideas. Thank you for being with us through and through.


All my love, Trin. 

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