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Hinds - Live in ATL

March 28, 2018

"Hinds, a four piece all girl band from Spain, currently co-headlining with Albert Hammond Jr. gave an Atlanta crowd a night to remember. Between the murmurs before the set and the lack of an initial applause it was instantly obvious that very few in the crowd knew the band, however, by the second song the entire crowd was jumping up and down and clapping along. They gave everyone exactly what they wanted, a wild Friday night full of indie rock and fun stories. It is not often that a girl group walks on stage and captures the attention of a largely male audience the way that these girls did. Hinds possess a youthful energy that goes perfectly with their lo-fi garage band sound, they are rock stars to say the least. Vocalist, Ana Perrote, hopped into the crowd during one of their newest songs ‘New For You’ and started what was essentially a mosh pit that ended with lots of hugs. They built up a load of anticipation for their next album by playing (and absolutely killing) at least four songs that they have yet to release. They clearly had a blast in Atlanta on their day off, as they told a lot of stories between songs about visiting Adult Swim HQ, getting tattoos, and visiting the famous Atlanta Botanical Garden. Hinds are a force to be reckoned with and they know it. Vocalist and guitarist, Carlotta Cosials, would shout to her band members and ladies in the crowd “You go girl! You freaking go girl!” over and over whenever they did something exceptional.  Thank you, Hinds, for showing the world that “Girls are awesome!” I would highly recommend trying see Hinds on a stage near you." - Tori White


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Shot by: Tori White




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