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'Get Well' By Donna Missal

February 20, 2019

On Valentine's Day 2019, Donna Missal graced us with her new track ‘Get Well’ visiting the solemn feelings of healing old wounds. The production is simple and cathartic, her voice rich and raw. Donna is a powerhouse with endless stories to tell, and this track tells one of coming to terms with an end, and the acceptance and reckoning that comes along with it. Sharing with us a new sort of self-love anthem, tackling the difficult and personal sides of change. She sings about the process of ‘getting well’ in such an honest way, admitting to missing what you probably shouldn’t about a person you shouldn't love as much as you do are the hardest steps to take, but are the only way to come out on the other side. This is a song for absolutely everyone, a reminder to put yourself first, wholly and infinitely. That there may never be a time where it feels right to cut ties and start new, but that doesn’t mean you should wait or that you are any less ready. If you are going through a time of stagnance or you’re struggling to move on, let this song wash over you, like glacier water over your shoulders to your ankles, taking some of those burdens with it.

Be sure to find Donna on Instagram and Twitter, and stream 'Get Well' here.

xx, Trin.

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