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February 28, 2019

21 year old Atlanta native Faye Webster has been giving the world her contemporary indie gems for years now. Her 2013 debut album, Run & Tell, is a clear representation of her folk roots— in a Billboard interview from 2017, she says that her grandfather was in a Texas bluegrass band & was her main teacher and idol as a musician. As she’s grown older, her love for R&B and hip hop have definitely shown its influence on her work, making her discography non conforming to one single genre. Her second album, self titled Faye Webster, is a collection of 10 tracks with raw and heart wrenching lyrics, and you will find yourself fully invested in her narrative. She Won’t Go Away, a personal favorite of mine, starts off the album with a funky guitar and smooth bassline, and immediately sets the tone for the record. I find myself swaying my head and tapping along with eyes closed through the song, picturing myself wearing a flowy dress and slow dancing to it, as if I’m the only one in the room and I don’t have a care in the world.


Faye’s latest release, Kingston, is the perfect example of what I would recommend someone if they asked what Faye Webster song they should listen to first. The storytelling contains such immersive imagery, as if I’m part of Faye’s universe, experiencing her life along with her. I feel my most genuine self when listening to Faye Webster, a feeling that is so rare for artists to evoke from their listeners. 


Check out Faye’s Instagram and website, and catch her on tour all across the United States this upcoming spring.



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