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Weekly Women In Music Vol. III - An Interview With Dyllan

December 13, 2018

Dark pop songstress Dyllan has been finding her home in the LA music scene while writing all of the heartbreak anthems that deserve that top spot on your sad songs playlists. Her latest single ‘Heartspace’  will send chills down your spine and have you hair standing on end with its haunting production and vocals. Dyllan has a way with lyrics that is so real and unfiltered that will leave you absolutely speechless. We had the chance to chat with Dyllan where we talked about music making culture in Los Angeles vs. New York, and her goals for 2019 and beyond, keep reading for more!


Stream Dyllan here, and check her out on Instagram and Twitter! 



Tuesday: We are so stoked to have you with us at Tuesday! Give us a little introduction about you!

Dyllan: Thanks so much! I’m born and raised in LA and I make dark singer-songwriter pop.

You recently released a single called "Heartspace". What was the creative process like for that song?

The creative process for this song was extremely long! I wrote it two years ago and worked on the production for a year before getting a final mix with some help. I produced it while learning Ableton so in a sense this song gave me strong motivation to hone my production skills.

Who, or what, was a major influence for you in terms of pursuing music?

My main motivation is that music connects people. I started out being very shy and couldn’t sing in front of anyone. But when I got up the courage to get on stage and perform my songs, the energy in the room was all it took for me to feel I was doing something meaningful and that there was no turning back. Songwriting in particular is a beautiful way of articulating complex emotions. When I can do this for myself and my listeners it’s very fulfilling.

How would you say you've evolved as an artist over the past few years?

I’ve definitely changed my style quite a bit! I used to do very acoustic singer songwriter music and now the production is much more electronic. I am happy to be making music that reflects music I love listening to!

What are some of your favorite all time songs & artists?

Joni Mitchell was my first big influence followed by Shawn Colvin, Jeff Buckley and Fiona Apple. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Christine and the Queens, James Blake and Empress Of.

If you had to choose, which song of yours represents you most as a musician?

“Heartspace” is definitely the one. It is completely raw and unedited in terms of lyrics and I produced it myself so it feels like it captures who I am as an artist.

Can you compare your experience as a musician in Brooklyn vs. Los Angeles? How has the music scene and culture in both cities shaped you as an artist?

While living in Brooklyn I worked three jobs at a time and still found a way to have a band and perform around the city. It was ultimately an exhausting experience and not sustainable but I wrote a lot of songs at that time! I did also feel that the music scene was slightly insular and it was a bit hard to branch out. In LA I’ve felt a lot more support and willingness to connect which has been very surprising and refreshing. The lifestyle has granted me much more energy, but I’ve written less songs which maybe just means I’m happier! I think I’m definitely more inspired by misery.

What are some of your goals for 2019?

Release my next EP and maybe open for a bigger artist on a tour somewhere. (Anyone wanna take me with them? :))

Anything else you'd like to say to the Tuesday Zine readers?

I’m performing at the Study Hollywood on 12/12 and would love to see LA peeps there!



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