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Cemetery by COIN - Your New Favorite Song

November 16, 2018

Five seconds into Cemetery and you find yourself fully immersed in this story, sitting in a cathedral of rhetoric. Honestly, putting my thoughts into words is proving to be difficult with this one, because like, damn. If you set this single next to any other song by COIN, it starkly stands out from the rest. Yeah, it’s a risky move putting out such a heavy and lyric driven song so early in a new album cycle—but this is it—this is COIN. This hard hitting and self-reflective writing with a production that will give you chills. The story unfolds, falling into your lap and down to your feet. The imagery is so clear you can feel it on and under your skin―golden lions waiting at the gate, a kingdom built from salt and blood—it's haunting, it’s real, it’s everything.


Chase (front man of COIN ) wrote a bit on the creation of Cemetery, tweeting “I realized I didn’t wanna look back & have let the ones closest to me down based on an up & up mentality.” Clearly this song has found a home close to his heart and you can feel that, even looking in from the outside. With words so introspective it isn't hard to get that feeling of looking into a ruthless mirror, like you’re seeing yourself clearly for the first time. Being able to hear this narrative play out so flawlessly by my favorite band has left me stunned, and candidly speaking, I’m surprised I have been able to gather this many semi-coherent thoughts. So with that, I send you off to go stream Cemetery by COIN over and over and over again.


Sincerely yours, Trin.


Listen to 'Cemetery' here 



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