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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XLV - Your Smith

October 2, 2019

There’s that feeling you get when you know it’s time for a change, sometimes it creeps up slowly tugging at your ankles, and others it hits you right in your ribs and pleads for you to dive head first into something new and unknown. That is exactly what Minnisota native Your Smith has done. After entertaining the idea of going by a new name, shedding off her past and the weight and worries that were keeping her bound, she finally made the plunge and started again. This clean slate has opened her up and given her the space to breathe out, becoming even more of a badass. Smith has made some of my absolute favorite music of all time, she has this swing and feel good groove that you just want to sink into. Pairing some contemporary synth elements with a classic jazz sound and warm, rich voice. Creating something that is adorned with nostalgia, remaining timeless for years and years to come. Last month, she dropped her new EP 'Wild Wild Woman’, and honestly, it’s all I’ve been listening to. She has conjured up this raw and unapologetic version of herself, a part of her that had been lying dormant. The woman who had been in the back of her mind all this time, carrying her home, keeping her grounded. Listening to the title track you feel this part of yourself coming out as well, kicking and fighting to break free, begging for you to abide by your design. I have taken so much of this EP and stashed it away for when I need her prose as guidance, I can spin this record and dance off my grief and anxiety right alongside her. One of the tracks that has resonated with me the most is ‘In Between Plans’. Her story of drifting, knowing you’ll land sometime but not knowing when. For a person whose biggest fear is the unknown I sure as hell do throw caution to the wind quite often. Putting my faith into the universe to have me land right where I need to be, so I’ve found such solace in slipping into Smith’s imagery of the hazey sun and words so temporary they wash away with the tide. These are some of those songs that I know will be dear to me for forever, keeping them pulled close to my heart, showing them to anyone who will listen.


Be sure to stream her latest EP 'Wild Wild Woman', and keep up with her in Instagram and Twitter!

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