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Young the Giant - Live in Atlanta

November 10, 2018

Mirror Master is extraordinarily raw and an adventurous step for Young the Giant. The band’s fourth album lyrically follows in the path of its predecessor, honing in on the idea of self-reflection. Lead single “Simplify” is wide-open and carefree, setting the tone for the album. The track is easy and simple with heavy drums and a strong bass-line, very much a standard rock radio single. However, not a standard Young the Giant song. The track is reminiscent of “Amerika”, a track from their third album, but a bit more aggressive and hard-hitting. “Simplify” will be the road trip song for summers to come. The first track on the album and the second single “Superposition” is less radio single-ish and truer to the band. The folk-y tune has an upbeat and light vibe that is carried through the album. 


 The album is relaxed musically, but that doesn’t mean that the album lacks power. The shift in sound that has some fans bored with this album is nearly completely masked by the vulnerability found in songs like “Heat of the Summer” and “Darkest Shade of Blue.” All jokes aside, “Heat of the Summer” is a classic summer hit. The song passionate, dynamic, and tells a heavy story. It wouldn’t be a Young the Giant track if it wasn’t painfully honest. Three listens in and I can guarantee you will be jamming and crying simultaneously.


To have such heavy lyrics regarding anxiety and fear, Mirror Master flawlessly makes fans feel empowered. “Darkest Shade of Blue” is a warm embrace you didn’t know you needed. Incredibly relaxing and thought provoking, but not sad in the slightest. Those experiencing anxiety and depression need the comfort the melody provides.




Beautifully written and well mapped, Mirror Master is about falling in love with yourself and remembering that your image is just that, yours. The power lies within all individuals to be the person they want to be from the inside out. The dive Young the Giant takes to help fans self-analyze is crucial. Life is bigger than what we may try to present on social media, and true happiness starts within. Young the Giant’s albums have never been box-standard, and their records assure listeners that working to fit societal norms isn’t worth the effort. Being vulnerable and embracing all parts of the self, is frankly what life is about.



"Mirror Master is about falling in love with yourself and remembering that your image is just that, yours" - Tori White.



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