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Wet - 'Old Bone / Trust No Man'

March 5, 2019






Wet has never been the band to be tied down by a genre, exploring every corner of music from folk to R&B, and their newest double release ‘Old Bone / Trust No Man’ falls nothing short of remarkable. Opening track ‘Old Bone’ sets the tone with dissonant guitar and soft vocals, the foggy scene of what feels like a Southern Gothic novel is clear and carried out through line by line. Vocalist Kelly Zutrau delivering each chorus and verse with such emotion, finding its way behind your ribs, nestling beside your lungs. These tracks both have subtle haunting narratives, an eerie feeling that may only reveal itself after a handful of listens and attention to shifts in tone. Singing of loss, solitude, and giving all you have until you’ve got nothing left, Zutrau brings us deep into a tale of discerning narratives and breaking points. With lyrics like “And I could ask for what I want, so you could tell me what you need” – “My heart that day was like a sinking stone”, you can’t help but feel your heart wrenching, as though someone reached in and squeezed it.







While these tracks are thematically heavy, they are accompanied by a light and airy instrumentals, soft strumming guitar and comforting hums, somehow warming up the goosebumps left on your skin. To me, these songs almost act as a period piece, think early 30’s ‘As I Lay Dying’. Like sitting on the front porch early in the morning, trying to catch the sunset while feeling the cold air on your arms and ankles, looking off past the horizon at what you could be running towards.


xx, Trin.


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