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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XLIV - Wes Reeve

September 25, 2019


Wes Reeve is writing songs that you can step into, every track building its own universe that you find yourself falling in, wholly encompassed in her prose. She is one with the elements of music, layering whimsy vocals and romantic harp that has absolutely swept me off my feet. Her debut track ‘Honey, I’ feels like diving your nose right into a story book. Her voice soft and soul bearing like that of a centuries-old river song, as we listen to her ebb and flow while the sweet taste of love turns bitter. She has mastered the balance of modernity and something that is absolutely timeless, reminiscent of the lullaby your grandmother hummed to you just as her mother did, yet feeling so new all at once. Last month she released her newest single ‘Never Ending Summer’, which stole my heart on the first listen. The story of a romance so grand it stops time in its tracks, pulling you under its currents, leaving you breathless. I’m a sucker for anything orchestral, so the second I put on this track and was greeted by the soft violins I was already wrapped up in the world of Wes Reeve, feeling grateful for every second I was able to bask in it. These songs have an endless depth, and a grandeur that's almost hard to fathom. Like never ending forest guided by only by the flickers of lightening bugs, a world written up so that you’ll never want to leave. 


Be sure to stream latest single by Wes Reeve 'Never Ending Summer' here, and keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter!

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