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"MAYBE - Side A" by Valley - Songs to Scream Your Heart Out To

December 18, 2018

Late November of this year, Toronto band ‘Valley’ released their first record since 2016, titled ‘MAYBE - Side A’, and I am enamored to say the least. With irresistible indie pop beats and catchy choruses, you will want to have this EP on repeat for like, ever. Listening to this record reminds me of every time me and my friends have laughed til we cried, the thrill of starting the car at the beginning of a big roadtrip; Valley makes these nostalgic memories resurface so vividly you could reach out and grab them. While sonically this is a very ‘feel good’ sort of album, there are themes and lyrics of hopefulness, misguidance, and blind hope that epitomize that sort of coming of age fervor. I see these themes play out specifically in the explosive and hard hitting closer to the record ‘Push For Yellow (Shelter)’ which explores the topic of looking for solace and resolutions in a person who might not be able to provide. Blast this EP in your room when you feel lost need some dancing in the mirror to bring you back to your body, ‘cause I promise these tracks will give you just the release you’ve been waiting for.


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Listen to "MAYBE - Side A" here!




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