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‘Trilogy’ by Christian Leave - The Sound of My, Your, and Our Youth

December 16, 2018

Christian Leave is an eighteen year old boy that started out on the beloved (yet now deceased) app, Vine. Since gaining popularity as a young teen, Christian has transformed and grown not only in front of us, but alongside us. Showing a different side of him from the comedic and witty personality we all grew to know and love from those six seconds, Christian has given us heart wrenching and personal narratives in his songs— and this EP is no different. His bedroom pop and acoustic blended style has remained consistent throughout his musical career, but still continues to show immense evolution and growth. Lyrically, every song feels like you’re experiencing it along with him, regardless of your past or background.


My personal favorite on the EP, ‘Never’, narrates the feeling of being stuck in a rut, and knowing you need to make a change, and learning how to deal with the consequences and effects on those you love. The way in which Christian illustrates this scene is magical, almost singing as if he is writing a goodbye letter filled with guilt, yet attempting assurance.




“But I can’t be here no more,

I think I need to get away,

There’s still loving’ for sure,

And you can see me any day.”




“And I hope you’ll be okay

The second that I”m away

You’ve never done this before

And I promise I’ll stay safe

And I’ll call you every day

But I’ve never done this before”



‘Understand’ is another track that immediately caught my ear, as it’s a signature acoustic love song, but with a powerful rock influence. The lyrics shed a vulnerable insight to uncertainty and insecurity in a relationship, constantly questioning the true feelings of your counterpart. The music is soft and comforting throughout, until the last 30 seconds. A powerful guitar solo and drums immerse you in emotion, feeling like you should be driving down an empty highway in the middle of the night, screaming out of frustration and defeat.



Overall, I am so grateful for Christian and his immeasurable talent in writing lyrics that hit you so hard, you feel like you’re venting with a close friend. Love and relationships, heartbreak, growing up, making difficult decisions for the betterment of your health and self— it’s an honor to have him as a soundtrack to my, your, and our youth.


Stream 'Trilogy' here and check out Christian on Instagram and Twitter. 


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