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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol XXVII - The Blue

May 29, 2019

The Blue are the perfect duo to soundtrack any and every moment that feels like it might have been plucked right out of an indie romance film. Making up The Blue are India Shore and Claire Altendahl, and together they have formed the perfect pairing, incorporating drums and bass that are reminiscent of Jazz and Bluegrass, tied together with hypnotic and dreamy vocals. Their newest track ‘Brooklyn Red’ tells a familiar story of endless longing for someone, the feeling left on your arms that’s like every inch of your


skin is yearning for more of them. With the punchy drums, classic rock style guitar, and raw vocals, that overwhelming and all encompassing wanting more of someone is almost tangible. That type of want for closeness that lingers around for days, dancing around your room, pulling at each thought that crosses your mind. One of my favorite tracks from The Blue is the blues-y and sultry ‘June Bug’. This song makes me want to put on a vintage dress from the 50's and go swing dancing in a hazy dive bar, falling in love with a stranger across the room. Which is obviously the perfect—maybe the only—scene to personify this genius chorus; ‘You would call me baby if you knew me, you look kinda good I’m kinda lonely.’ The Blue are doing great things for the indie scene, by not only making absolutely stunning music, but making stunning music that also happens to be queer. Love and lust songs are something that queer folk have deprived from, and seeing artists being open about sexuality in a hetero-normative industry is one of the things that gives me so much hope in moving forward into a better and more inclusive place in music.


Be sure to stream latest single ‘Brooklyn Red’, and keep up with them on Instagram.


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