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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XII - TRISHES

February 14, 2019



TRISHES, the electrifyingly original project of Trish Hosein bubbles with genre blending energy. She moulds sounds around her, kneading and shaping them until they manifest into hard-hitting, indescribable tracks. Take single Hydra, for example. TRISHES opens with what could be deemed spoken word, dancing with an aura of hip-hop style rap, before gliding into an undeniable pop hook at its chorus, ‘cause’ I’ve got a head like a hydra. Baby, don’t make me remind ya.’ It’s menacing, it’s delicate; it’s an example of the contrast that exists consistently throughout her work. 


It’s clear that despite sonic parallels, TRISHES is unlike anyone else. Her songwriting is undeniably unique, her lyricism perhaps deceitfully layered. Tracks like Money are proof that TRISHES has a lot to say, and that she’s unafraid to use her voice to make important social commentary, ‘what percent of the one percent am I worth anyway?’ She challenges her listeners, allowing them the pleasure of a well crafted, hip-hop inspired song while simultaneously planting a seed. TRISHES has the power to inspire, that much is evident upon immediate exposure to her incredible and unshakable strength. Just listen to {hydra: the monologue}, and try not to feel exceptionally empowered. 


TRISHES is a voice for the voiceless. She is fearless, and she is inciting change through every piece of music she creates

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