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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol VIII - Somme

January 17, 2019



The first time I heard the smooth and sultry tones of the electro-pop track Long Time, I was immediately desperate to hear more from the relatively unknown artist under the name of Somme. The debut single had me dancing in my car while simultaneously filling a void I didn’t even know I’d been housing. A need for a darker, sexier sound that refused to sacrifice its vulnerability in order to to be heard. Somme, a 21 year old LA based musician and producer, offers raw, enchanting honesty; wrapped in a blend of hard hitting drum samples and mesmerizing synth progressions to create a new brand of pop. 


Somme’s self-tilted EP dropped early 2018, delivering on a promise made by her steady release of captivating singles. The 6 track record captures her essence; each song circling you before dragging you under, whether you’re ready to feel it or not. On Don’t Let Me, Somme fights with her overwhelming and uncontrollable need to be close to the subject of her affection. Her level of awareness prevents her from doing so as she calmly and coolly pleads, ‘don’t let me too close to you’ over and over. The EP is a battle, a reckoning. Somme tells a tale of love and lust; of desperation, obsession and unmitigated desire. 


Thankfully, Somme didn’t stop there. Her most recent release entitled Broken Hearted Lovers depicts the dance (literally) between ex-lovers, once again brought together under the cover of darkness. It’s everything to love about her EP, but more. Sexy, dance-able and a little menacing around the edges. Somme continues to be different yet consistently relatable. Her talent and raw, unique energy is both undeniable and irrefutably enticing. 


Make sure to stream Somme’s debut EP here and watch her music video for 'Broken Hearted Lovers' here. 


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