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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. LVIII - Softee

January 15, 2020


‘Slow Melt’ by Softee has become a golden light in the fog while I’ve found myself in this rut. Weeks of trying to avoid love songs at all costs and becoming overall jaded has taught me one thing; no matter my angst or sorrow, I have never been able to turn away from a perfect pop song, and Nina Grollman cka Softee is making every one of my run-dance montage athems. Moving away the heartbreak under neon lights, clad in legwarmers and a unitard. Like, I have genuinely never wanted to buy roller skates more than I do right now listening to this record. The night I stumbled upon her lead single ‘Oh No’ I felt like I was having a music epiphany, wondering how I ever lived prior to this song. This track is everything I have always loved about pop since it first manifested ages ago. It’s big and unapologetic, taking up every bit of space using nostalgic synth and rolling percussion, vulnerability overflowing into a booming confession of love. That utterly terrifying feeling when you realize you might be falling for someone, the intrusive thoughts creeping in that remind you that you could turn everything upside down with a kiss or a few words at any given moment. Stirring up your magic 8 ball for an answer, begging for a sign from above, staring into the ever-so-mysterious future and finding the unknown just as seductive as it is scary. I’ve never heard a song so fitting for this whirlwind of emotions, when all those feelings you’ve kept strung up beneath your ribs is on the verge of pouring out. I’m trying to fall back in love with the idea of loving, and part of that process for me has been realizing that these feelings are not the looming uncharted territory I once imagined them as, so listening to artists like Grollman work through the same hurt as me has been endlessly consoling. I can spin ‘Black Hole Heart’ and yell and cry alongside her until my heart doesn’t feel so heavy, sinking into her glimmering chimes and the steadfast croon of her voice.


Be sure to stream 'Slow Melt' by Softee here, and keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter!

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