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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol XLIII - Sister

September 18, 2019

 With the release of her debut EP ‘Going Through Some Things’, singer-songwriter Sister has left me absolutely captivated, almost beyond words. Each track serving as a cool down to the sinking heat of the summer, letting the humid air fall off your shoulders and down to your heels. She builds up an atmospheric haze that you just can’t get enough of, jazz piano accenting her rich and soulful vocals, drawing you into this universe she’s built. Lead single ‘Old Friend’ is a groove based ballad with lyrics that will break your heart. The familiar feeling of wanting to give into someone, bearing your heart out in the open for them, and the fear that comes along with it. The moments where you become good friends with vulnerability, “Don't touch my heart, if you’re not looking to stay around”, putting your faith in the hands of another to not break you. The feelings are complex, getting tangled on one another over and over. Yet within the 3 minutes of this song you will see so clearly how inherently foolish yet beautifully human it is to fall in love, laying down your arms and hoping for magic. This is one of those records that will have you hooked on the first listen, wasting no time before drawing up stunning imagery that you will want to fully immerse yourself in. A billowing fog at dusk, rolling winds sending shivers down your spine. Stars in your eyes, and flowers in your hair.


Be sure to stream 'Going Through Some Things' here, and keep up with Sister on Instagram and Twitter!

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