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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XXV - Rico Nasty

May 16, 2019


Rico Nasty has become a household name. From playing insane festival sets at Coachella and SXSW, to touring all of 2018 at sold out venues across North America, her fanbase is rapidly growing across the globe. Her latest release, a nine track record titled ‘Anger Management’ is all that I have been listening to since it came out. This album was in collaboration with Kenny Beats, one of the most exciting rap producers right now, and this pair is a match made in heaven. Rico’s raspy and intense flow over Kenny’s rough and blown out beats- the two work together, rather than one trying to overpower the other. It’s a harmonious existence that works extraordinarily well.


To me, Rico is the embodiment of being authentic, letting yourself feel how you feel, and unapologetically expressing it. Deafening anger, chaos, raging frustration- music made to vent. This is something that I, and many others, felt was missing in the industry; we are all familiar with men rapping about violence and rage, but the female narrative in this department is rarely ever articulated, much less celebrated. At Rico’s live sets, she doesn’t encourage moshing- she requires it. You can find videos of the pits at her shows, and it is something of what you witness at metal and punk shows. The chaotic energy that bounces off of Rico & her performances is just one of the things that makes her so enticing and exciting.


Along with Rico’s music, her style and presence is inspiring. An absolute resilience and nonconformity to standards in and out of the rap community, she is an inspiration to so many; and best of all, you can tell she’s having fun. The way she performs on stage and in live videos- she’s having the time of her life.


To get to know Rico even better, I highly recommend watching her documentary ‘Countin’ Up’ from FADER. I love Rico Nasty for everything she is, and everything she is not. At just 22 years old, I can not even fathom what she has in store for us.


Listen to Rico Nasty’s most recent album ‘Anger Management’ on Spotify, and keep up with her on Instagram & Twitter.


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