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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XXVIII

June 5, 2019


Before she has even released her debut EP, Raffaella has stolen the hearts of indie kids everywhere, myself included. She was born and raised in Manhattan, then saw an entirely different dynamic of life when she joined a sorority at USC, which would eventually inspire her debut single ‘Sorocide’. The air that surrounds Raffaella and her work is absolutely divine, and from the moment she stepped onto the music scene her strong-headed and heavy-hearted rhetoric was always made clear. She is nothing less than a powerhouse, breaking out of any expectations or watered down ideas of indie pop music. Keen of clever and biting lyricism, showing a different side of pop music that is often hidden away under thousands of archetypal love songs and ballads. She gives us everything from a satirical prose on the the stereotypical idea of femininity, to dancing around seemingly trivial problems of gained weight and coffee shop mishaps, all done up in addictive hooks and pop-centric production driven by synth and funky samples. In her latest release ‘NASA’s Fake’, she sings–I'm losing followers and gaining weight How much can I take?–embodying a sharp and melodramatic tone that you will find stuck in your head for days to come. Her writing is just one piece of her process that has us head over heels, it’s also the vocal capabilities of this woman that will draw you in further and further into her magic. She is able to float around in a glimmery falsetto, and then switch to a smoky and sultry chest voice, reminiscent of a late 20’s jazz singer who is catching the eye of everyone in the speakeasy. This is only the start for Raffaella, and with her EP ‘Ballerina’ set to be released soon, and we can’t wait to see every bit of dreamy goodness she has to offer.


Be sure to stream her latest single ‘NASA’s Fake’ here, and keep up with Raffaella on Instagram and Twitter.




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