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Wanderwild, indie-alt trio out of Athens, GA, released their fresh and punchy track ‘Platinum’ this past Wednesday. Following their lead single ‘Irma’, we are headed into a new era of Wanderwild, as we await their newly announced sophomore album ‘Sleep Tight Socialite’. Platinum has a classic Wanderwild feel to it, lead singer Matt Martin entrancing listeners with his vocals, layered atop a funky chords and bassline. Compared to the rest of Wanderwilds tracks, this song is considerably upbeat and dancey. Painting the image of dancing alone in my kitchen cooking a meal, or driving in bumper to bumper traffic with the cars next to me staring at me embarrassingly singing my lungs out with tight grip on the steering wheel. This song feels like Wanderwild is opening up and expanding while still staying true to themselves, an introduction of what’s to come.


In case you missed it, read our interview with Wanderwild from this past fall here, and be sure to check out their Instagram and website, where you can preorder their upcoming sophomore album, 'Sleep Tight Socialite', out April 17.




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