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Model Tenant - A New Music Collab to Soundtrack Your Life

August 22, 2018



Monday, August 20th, the indie alternative music scene was blessed with the debut single from new ‘Roomate Rock’ group Model Tenant. Members include artists from all walks of creative outlets who have already been creating gorgeous content as individuals. In the group we have Liza Odachowski (Liza Anne), Robbie Jackson (Keeps), Abbey Clark (Sister Kit, Abbey Clark Studios),  Zachary Dyke, Thad Kopec, Josh Gilligan, and Allie Closner (Joseph). The track titled ‘Real Like You’ is unbelievably fresh and addictive, something you can dance around on your kitchen floor to, slipping in your socks. The verses are accompanied by organic drums and a funky bassline, the chorus is hypnotizing, as the male and female voices join together in a beautiful contrast. Everything about this group dynamic is so masterful as every member brings something wonderful and diverse to the table. We have already received stunning portraits, visuals, a kick ass debut track, and we are so ready for what else to come.


Don't forget to check out Model Tenant on all of their social media (InstagramTwitter), and make sure to add ‘Real Like You’  to your latest playlist, and all your other playlists while you’re at it.

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