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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XXXI - Miette Hope

June 27, 2019


Recently I stumbled upon Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Miette Hope, whose music can only be summed up as timeless. While we await the release of her upcoming EP, we have a slew of stunning independent songs to sit with and fall into. Miette is making the perfect Sunday morning tunes, with a voice like honey in warm tea and funky guitar and bass lines, she is bridging the gap between genres like folk, jazz, and groove. One of her latest tracks ‘Release Me’ is a personal favorite, telling a story of a past love that is still finding its way under your skin, showing itself everywhere you look. Drifting along unbelievable harmonies and airy riffs, her smoky and soulful voice delivers an abundance of passion that I just can't get enough of. An older song of hers titled ‘My Love’ has me particularly enamored, this song sounds like a soft amber hued morning, when the sun is peeking through the blinds and your coffee is still steaming. She encaptures all of the nuances of love and longing for someone in 4 minutes, all the while keeping me twirling around on the hardwoods in my favorite fuzzy socks. Miette takes pride in her honest style of writing, and in her upcoming EP she will be delving into her process dealing with grief and loss, and I am so excited to be here waiting to hear her story.


Be sure to keep up with Miette Hope on Instagram and Twitter, and stream her latest single 'On Repeat'.

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