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Maggie Rogers - Photos and Feelings.

April 13, 2019

I mean it when I say the second Maggie Rogers steps on stage and you can feel your burdens rolling off your shoulders and down your spine. Whether it’s for just those 90 minutes, a week, or for good, those moments will feel like pure elation. Maggie has a past that lives in my head as a story of destiny, the most genuine and hardworking young artist thrust into the spotlight all at once, handling the next year and a half with a graceful luster and honesty. I've seen fer play tiny backrooms in Nashville to a sold out show at The Tabernacle, and she always fills every bit of the space, pouring her entire soul into each corner and crevice. Last week I was able to see her take the stage in Raleigh, then very impulsively decided I needed to feel that magic all over again, and hours later I was in Atlanta. Just like the last, this show felt like coming home. The energy in the room was electric, Maggie gave us her all and we did the same. She somehow makes everyone present feel grounded, no matter how big the venue, you know you are right there with her moving through whatever you need to. Letting the music wash over you and taking any anxieties along with, assuring us that she is here to keep safe whatever we need to shake off and let go. Whenever you get the chance to see Maggie, take it, and let her shine some light on all that dark you might be holding on to. 


If you'd like, click the photo below to view full gallery of 35mm from Raleigh and Atlanta. 

Shot by: Trinity Alia

If you somehow haven't already, be sure to stream Maggie Roger's debut album 'Heard It in a Past Life' from now until the end of time.

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