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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. LII - Lou Roy

November 20, 2019


There's some music that just feels like it’s been with you for forever, even on first listen something as new as ever can feel just as familiar as the bones in your body. This is exactly how I feel about new record, ‘Your Friend,’ by Lou Roy. Almost exactly a year ago, I was writing about another body of work by the singer-songwriter Caitlin Notey that was released under her previous stage name, Huxlee. Since then she has gone through a sort of renaissance, moving into something new and without boundaries, and still making the music that I hold closest to my heart. This has quickly become one of my favorite records of all time, cultivating everything I have always loved about Notey’s writing. She pulls pieces of folk and pop and everything around an in between, drawing up a dreamy and organic piece of imagery that you can just fall into. Finding myself lost in soft humming and footsteps percussing across fallen branches, and swept away in an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, like listening to my grandpas old records on the porch. Her atmospheric storytelling gilded with the tender touch of vulnerability, like her recount of a lost love in ‘Ari Knew Before Me’. Lou crooning among a gentle guitar about what could have been, something she let slip through her fingertips before she was able to recognize her own sexuality. My heart aches every time I hear this track, her pain audible as she endlessly longs for the what if’s. I can honestly say that I have never been more excited for someone's future than I am for Lou Roys. For years her writing has given me a place to grow, a place to breath out and move freely, to scream until my lungs strain. A place to run to when I’ve been clenching my fists til my palms bled, feeling everything all at once, like I might overflow any second. Letting me slip away for just a moment, long enough to remember all that is so much bigger than myself and finding the beauty in that. Like how the world can turn through its seasons while somehow remaining so still, or those days on the porch listening to records, skipping stones on the sun gilded lake.


Be sure to stream 'Your Friend,' by Lou Roy here, and keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter

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