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February 7, 2019



Liza Anne has a way with words like I have never seen. Her lyrics find their way beneath your ribs and wrap around your heart, and I mean that in the best way humanly possible. Ever since 2015, Liza has been singing us tales of love, lust, and tearing down the patriarchy, clad in a red beret. Calling her a powerhouse in an understatement, her seemingly innate sense for lyricism paired with her masterful production and natural stage presence, you can’t help but fall in love.  When Liza first graced the music scene with her debut LP ‘The Colder Months’ she was friendly with acoustic guitar and soft vocals, veering towards the side of folk. Yet in her newest album ‘Fine But Dying’ breaks her out of any sort of genre labeled box. With everything from hard hitting ballads to big dance-y tracks with classic rock style drum and guitar, she manages to put the encompassing feelings of panic and paranoia into her music, reaching that part of you that you thought no one else understood. Liza opened up to her listeners with this new album like never before, finding strength in her vulnerability and the power of her words. This new record is a heart stopping cultivation of Liza Anne, and her entire discography tells her story in a way that will always keeping you wanting more, finding pieces of yourself in every track. 


Be sure to stream 'Fine But Dying' here, and check out Liza Anne on Twitter and Instagram.

xx, Trin. 

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