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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XXXIII - Lindsey Lomis

July 10, 2019


Okay, I know that I talk a lot about love songs, but Lindsey Lomis has truly taken over all of my latest  ‘crush’ playlists. Based out of Nashville, 16 y/o Lomis is navigating the funk and soul scene like a seasoned pro. Within seconds you'll be drawn in my her stunning vocals, the type to make you stop whatever you’re doing right then and there and take a moment really sink into her groove. Earlier this year she dropped her debut EP, ‘Chapter I’ which opens with the upbeat and jazzy ‘Give Me A Chance’. A song for days spent longing for that minute, or even a second, with that one person so just maybe something beautiful can start. Lindsey masterfully portrays these nights spent staring at your ceiling with your mind stuck on all the idea of what could be, ringing reminiscent of that tangible tension that builds when you’re waiting for a text back. My personal favorite track is titled ‘Simple Love’— of course—and it describes just that, all the little nuances of romance that keep drawing you in. Laying your head on their chest, trying to find a balance between too much or not enough, all the things that make my heart skip a beat. Linsdey Lomis is making the type of music that I will cherish forever, her smoky voice and cutting riffs are nothing less than timeless, something that years down the line I will still find myself coming back to. Playing over and over on vinyl just to feel all those feelings over again.


Be sure to keep up with Linsday on Instagram, and stream her debut EP 'Chapter I' here. 

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