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End of the Rose - Here's To Us

July 1, 2018

Since the very start, LANY has been incorporating floral themes into their addictive ‘I want to fall in love to this’ atmosphere. From thorned stems in the sink, to flowers on the corner of Santa Monica and Sycamore, to the cover of their debut. They’ve made it impossible to walk outside without thinking, have I listened to ‘4EVER!’ yet today? The LANY boys have been hopping from the US to Asia and pretty much everywhere around and in between on this pivotal album cycle, leaving their hearts on the stage night after night. Their self titled debut ‘LANY’ is the perfect cultivation of everything the band have been building for years—it’s rich with heart wrenching synth and guitar, it’s honest and it’s candid. Now, as they are coming off of this massive year (or couple of years, honestly) the trio is wrapping up this era of the rose. The one that illuminated the stage on the ‘Kinda’ tour and was printed on sweatshirts and tees.


This image has been ingrained into the hearts of the family the boys and fans have built together. You go to see LANY and you can feel something different, something so immersive and captivating. Every second of every show you can feel that you are a part of something massive. The connection that LANY has with their fans is truly unmatched. Their shows provide a safe and warm space where fans, myself included, can connect with so many amazing humans, and what better way to celebrate something so special than to have it inked onto your body for forever? With that, I wanted to showcase some of the truly badass LANY fans who have made this commitment.



Throughout this era we have seen nothing but passion and love from the boys, and they have been able to give their all to the world—and are taking us along with them. They have played everything from the 750 capacity Cats Cradle in North Carolina, to two sold out nights at the 16,700 cap Araneta Coliseum in Manila, each and every night still feeling as personal and intimate as the last. Today we celebrate the one year of their debut album, here's to an end, but we are just getting started.


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