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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XXVI - L Devine

May 23, 2019

 I really love pop music, like, really love pop music. The easier it is to dance around my room using a hairbrush as a mic the better. So when I stumbled across L Devine, I was utterly obsessed. My first introduction to her was through her short film Growing Pains, a collection of music videos and poems speaking on—as the titles suggests—the trials of growing up as a young woman and the weight that comes with it. Devine stepped into the scene with a confidence that falls nothing short of admirable, and with that she is bringing the realism to pop music. She this grit to her that makes her fun and fresh tunes just so much better, and for the last three weeks I have been playing ‘Like You Like That’ to anyone that will listen. Each time yelling ‘THIS IS THE PERFECT POP SONG’ at the top of my lungs. With the most addicting chorus and a hook that will you will find yourself humming the next day in the grocery store. This track is about all of the confusion, second guessing, and minor panic when having crush on someone who may or may not like you back. Staying up til the sun is out waiting to hear your text tone again, flipping off any bird that chirps and reminds you that you’ve lost sense of reality. These feelings can honestly drive you into insanity, and the one thing that can help is screaming along to songs like this out of your car window. Her latest release ‘Naked Alone’ is just as much as an absolute hit as the last, it’s sultry and honest, like it was pulled straight of a 80’s teen soundtrack. With elements of funk and kitschy samples, making every second more and more nostalgic, reminiscent of the Clueless party scene. L Devine has a leading role in new age pop music, she embraces her sexuality and owns up to being young and dumb and falling into the cycle of peer pressure, something that this over-polished idea of pop has so desperately needed. This really is just the start for L Devine, and I cannot wait to see what else she will bring us for this next album. 


Be sure to stream latest single from L Devine 'Naked Alone' here, and keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter

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