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Weekly Women in Music Vol. II - Kiah Victoria

December 6, 2018

Kiah Victoria has a rich, and synth-focused discography that you will was to sink your teeth into. She plays with R&B influences and soulful vocals that will definitely melt your whole entire heart. Victoria, now based in LA, was born in Berlin and lived everywhere from Kenya to Connecticut. Her knowledge and immersive experience of culture shows in her work, on her newest EP ‘Living & Growing’ you can feel all of the politically driven nuances and passion behind her words. Her track titled ‘Betsy Ross’ carries themes and imagery from the Black Lives Matter movement as she sings solemnly, hopes of finding a new America, and ‘Hollow’  from her 2016 debut EP was written in the wakes of the Paris terror attacks. Victoria is able to masterfully write from that place of hopelessness, conjuring even just three minutes of solace and release for her listeners and herself.


 Kiah creates little unique universes with every one of her songs, tying them together with reappearing samples and crisp and indulgent production. Everything from self love anthem 'Treat Me' that will have you suddenly clearing out your contacts. To one of my favorites ‘Ornament’, with funky and all encompassing instrumentals accompanied by hypnotic vocals leaving me head over heels. I frequently find myself lost in her music, dancing alone in my room, feeling every ounce of her soul that she pour into her art.


Make sure to stream Kiah Victoria’s latest EP ‘Living & Growing’ here, and check her out on Twitter and Instagram!


xx, Trin. 


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