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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. LIV - Kelsey Lu

December 5, 2019


 Kelsey Lu is absolutely boundless, weaving her way through vivid soundscapes and experimenting with voice and instrument completely unbridled. There is something almost tangible about the way she writes and produces, like if you close your eyes and keep your palms open you can feel each melody brush over your skin. Her latest record ‘Blood’ is the pinnacle of the word atmospheric, drawing you in like your favorite storybook, each page enriched with tales of hurt or growth or renewal. Delivered in a way that feels as old as time, reminiscent of a Victorian lullaby, plucked harp and crooning cello. In tracks like ‘Too Much’ I feel myself falling into this sort of ancient imagery, ivory lace and silks, the sun setting over the aged oaks and umber. Lu has this sort of intimate and smokey timbre that further pushes her raw and personal narrative, this music is her release and her escape, and she pours herself into it wholly. Breakout track 'Due West' questions the very meaning of 'home', weighing those sacrifices one makes when leaving behind everything you've known in search of change and something worth growing for. Lu leaves this music not only as a space for herself to find freedom in, but creating that place for others, breaking down the limits and rules of genre or binaries. This is the sort of record that reminds you how small we are on this endless timeline of those that came before, just visiting on this land that has survived centuries of torment and misfortunes, and that you can too survive it all.


Be sure to stream her latest record 'Blood' here, and keep up with her on Instagram and twitter

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