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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. LV - Kate Bollinger

December 11, 2019


I am one of those people that feel everything very deeply, sometimes even adopting the pain and worries of others as if it were my own. So trying to put my emotions into words is a looming undertaking that follows me right at my heels week to week. Then sometimes you stumble upon a novel or song that somehow takes that tangled mess of emotions and lays them out so clearly. This is how I felt when I first found Kate Bollinger. Her writing sensibility is so intelligent and personal, each song feeling just as conversational as the last, like you’re peeking into a dialogue between Kate and her psyche. Title track off her debut EP ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose’ displays the all too familiar and entirely overwhelming feelings of doubt and uncertainty, the type you might feel when you’re swept up into a big change or in a pursuit of the foolish act that is falling in love. ‘I was a child once, I still am’ Bolliger sings, her voice floating among the jazz guitar and twang-y keys, meshing together an indie type of folk with nuances of 50’s swing and jazz. Flinging me back to those Sunday mornings Mom, sweeping off the porch as the sun pours over her sudan, reminding me that time is a fleeting beast and I need to hold onto those cartoon filled afternoons and school lunchboxes as tight as I can. As someone who has been losing her battle with change since the start of time, this track has become a new sort of anthem for me. Her latest single ‘No Other Like You’ has become a staple in my extensive love song arsenal, the gentle and light melodies mimic that fluttering you get in your stomach when you are enveloped in infatuation. Finding that person so bright they light up all that dark you’ve been hiding in, making you wonder if anyone has ever felt like this before. A love so filling you can feel it at your fingertips, ready to pour over at any moment.


Be sure to stream Kate's latest single 'No Other Like You' here, and keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter.

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