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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. IV - Joy Oladokun

December 20, 2018

Joy Oladokun was raised in a small Arizona town, and was born to make music to soothe tattered hearts. Her rich and soulful voice is what I find myself drawn to when I’m stuck in a night of tears and frustration. Her debut album titled ‘Carry’ explores all the lows and highs of love and loss, using everything from classic rock style guitar to a string orchestra. Yeah, all music makes you feel something— but Joy will make you really feel something. Her tracks are vulnerable and often leave me in a tender moment of revisiting old wounds, while also feeling comforted and understood.



Not only does this record tell stories of past loves, Oladokun also tackles the rhetoric of racism and overall fear of being black in America in her track titled ‘Young’. She sings about the ignorant bliss of childhood, the years before people of color, myself included, learned the horrific reality of today's society. Although the theme is dark and daunting, she remains hopeful for change as she cries out “The day will come when we won’t have to run like our life depended on it, a day will come when we are just running for the thrill”. Her most recent track ‘Sober’ describes the story of leaving your partner and that moment of clarity when you realize why the hell was I even with you?. The track is upbeat and the perfect breakup anthem, and I’m not saying you should necessarily listen to this song and impulsively cut and dye your hair, but I’m also not saying it’s an awful idea.


xx, Trin.


Check out Joy Oladokun on Twitter, Instagram, and stream her newest single 'Sober' here! 

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