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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XXXVI - Hollie Col

July 31, 2019


Hollie Col has been stealing hearts around the world and finding her way into every indie kids’ playlists. Not only is her somber and heartfelt sound absolutely addictive, she is creating an open space for queer folk everywhere. Mainstream media is still only portraying a limited view on what it means to be queer, often equating queer relationships to heartbreak and discourse. Being able to sit down and just listen to a love song written by an artist you can see yourself in is something sadly rare for queer folk, and Hollie is doing a damn good job at bridging that gap. Her latest single ‘Unholy’ is packed with punchy guitar and classic indie rock style, and has a chorus that you will find yourself hooked on for weeks to come. Hollie has mastered the art of creating compelling visuals to accompany her music through video direction and production, extending the story line beyond what lyrics can hold. Her most recent video for ‘Unholy’ is packed with call backs to 80’s coming of age films, using bright hues and dreamy sets. Making me want to put on a power pants-suit, knock on my crushes’ door, and pour my heart out on their front porch. Going back a year or so into Col’s older tracks, you’ll notice they air on the side of folk. Her voice smokey and soul-baring, organic harmonies fluttering over acoustic guitar. A favorite of mine is her debut track ‘Warm Heart’, her voice exposed only accompanied by clapping hands and soft guitar. All the sounds of my favorite summer mornings, the moment right before you’re fully awake and still partly dreaming, the smell of last night's rain hanging around on the pavement. Hollie Col is making some of my favorite music right now, and she’s probably making yours too.


Be sure to stream Hollie's newest single 'Unholy' here, and keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter. 

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