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Halloween with COIN.

November 11, 2019


There’s always an underlying sense of magic to any COIN show, but there was just something special about this Halloween in Indianapolis. When we pulled up to the historically haunted Old National Center and saw the marquee that read ‘COIN Halloween Party’ the car erupted in unintelligible yelling. It was like all that pent up energy from our 4 hour drive was unleashed at the whisper of a Halloween party, like the ones you would have in elementary school with the cupcakes that stained your mouth orange. We were already in full costume but still got out to dance around under the marquee as the most perfect snow fell around us, feeling unstoppable. Hours later we paraded into the venue as two Maggie Rogers’, one Harry Styles, and a ninja, posting up at the photo booth for too long then promptly getting lost in the labyrinth that is the Old National. We roamed around the early 1900’s lounges and marble staircases, feeling like we stepped right into Lynn’s Clue or Fitzgerald’s Gatsby, every new hallway feeling just as eerie and compelling as the last. The energy in that room was electric, the excitement so tangible you could reach out and grasp it. Kids walking around dressed as the Mystery Gang with smiles plastered onto their faces, I had never seen a room filled with people more ready to have the best night of their lives. Once the show started I swear my feet didn’t touch the ground once, I felt that full body elation like it was my first COIN show all over again, covered head to toe in chills feeling the air from the back of my throat screaming and letting go next to my best friends. No matter the cap of the room or the city their in, a COIN show always feels like coming home again and again. There's never that disconnect from those on the stage to the people in the crowd, we are all right there alongside each other feeling everything wholly. Our cheeks were warm with tears simply from the overwhelming  feeling of being so in the right place at the right time, like maybe all the stars must have aligned for us to have ended up there. So full with the purest joy that we might spill over. 


For more photos from the night, check out the full gallery here.

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