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'Growing Up' by Riah - Thoughts and Feelings.

June 8, 2019

For the past week, my life has been sound tracked by Riah’s newest single ‘Growing Up’, finding myself humming it in thrift shops and making sure it’s in the heads of everyone around me cause it’s just that good. Riah’s sound is something I have kept coming back to, as she this exudes dreamy and addictive pop sound that you can never get enough of. Since her first bound into the pop realm with her debut single ‘Wildlife’, I have been absolutely enamored by her, with endlessly fresh production and lyrics I could always find myself lost in. Every time Riah puts out a new song I think–Okay this is it this is absolutely the best song–and she somehow outdoes herself every single time. ‘Growing up’ starts with synthesized vocals and punchy drums that instantly draw you into her groove, and there is no time wasted before she gets into the story line. This track is about wasted time and refusing to change, lines like “Well I’ve been changing, have you? I’ve been growing up.” // “Things are different, are you? Time is catching up” found their way under my ribs and in my chest, ringing reminiscent of nights I have found myself stuck. Making a home in places I’m maybe too comfortable in, thinking back on when things were good instead of finding a way back to that place.


There really is no one else I would rather have coax me out of my own confinement than Riah, and I am so happy to have this song to put on repeat whenever I need to dance things out and start all over again. Riah is forever proving how much of a powerhouse she it, not only when it comes to lyricism, but vocally as well. Riffing over glimmering chimes and giving us a soulful and smokey tone quality that is absolutely to die for, a perfect pairing to this flawless hook that you can’t help but dance along to. Like I say every time, this is absolutely the best song, and I can’t wait for Riah to outdo herself all over again with the release of her debut EP ‘Heartbreak Magic’, out June 28th.


Be sure to stream 'Growing Up' here, and keep up with Riah on Instagram and Twitter


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