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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XL - Grace Mitchell

August 28, 2019


Autumn wind rushing in through a rolled down window and whipping past your skin and through your hair, feeling ignited from the inside out, those are the feelings Grace Mitchell conjures. Finding the harmony between a punchy rebellion and the soft and somber. Over the years, Mitchell has bent and broken any genre that may have previously bound her, exploring everything from synth-pop to deep and soulful drum and bass. Throughout this expansive discography, you can feel her sense of identity pouring out of each and every track, each as vulnerable and honest as the last. Back in 2014 Mitchell released her debut EP 'Design', launching her into what would become a massive journey of self-discovery and uncovering every facet of her deeply dynamic mind. From stories of a love so big that it leaves you caught in a haze of doubt and second guesses, to a punk-rock and shout-y anthem for every kid desperately trying to break out of the mundane. Grace Mitchell is creating something so admiringly authentic, yet making songs for any and everyone, all at the same time. Whether you need a song to scream to, letting go as the sound leaves your throat, or a ballad of a love so sweet you want to run away with it and never look back.


Be sure to stream all of Grace Mitchell's tunes here, and keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter!

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