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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. LVI - Girl Ray

December 18, 2019


If you are still in need of more proof that 2019 has been a great year for pop music, I present you Girl Ray. Within seconds of putting on their debut record ‘Girl’ I was ready to lace up my roller blades and skate away my problems at the rink, blue-raspberry slushie in hand, sitting alone during the couples skate trying not to text my ex. This album navigates synth-pop themes in an admiringly intelligent way, not a even dash too much of any component leaving every single progression is just as fresh as the last, creating this body of work that you could play for hours and just never grow tired. There’s always a new layer to sink into, a bit of guitar you didn’t hear on the last listen or that dreamy vocal line you might have missed, drawing you in further and further into this 80’s centric neon daze that’s been built up around you. Within this record they have shifted from the punchy and folk-esque sound of their debut record ‘Earl Grey’ to this glimmering pop narrative without losing their identity as a group, remaining unapologetically themselves, all the while creating an inclusive space for everyone to feel confident in their fumbling words to crushes. The bass driven ‘Keep It Tight’ has become a personal favorite, each of the girls recounting their gripes with love and lust with sharp and witty prose, ‘Writing songs for album two, but straight girls only fall for dudes. Sad but true’ becoming my favorite lyric maybe ever. Chimes fluttering over a sultry bassline and the very 90’s harmony from the trio creating the perfect soundtrack for that friends night out, trying to get over them movie montage. The fractal lights from the disco ball reflecting down on your face, dancing them away and moving off all that worry. 


Be sure to stream their debut record 'Girl' here, and keep up with them on Instagram and Twitter!


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