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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XLVIII - Georgia Greene

October 24, 2019

 Learning to find the strength in vulnerability is something I’ve been learning and re-learning for years now, and I've done it all through music. Trying to follow in the footsteps of artists who bare their heart for the world to see and trying to get myself into that unfiltered and utterly real place. Singer-Songstress Georgia Greene is the pinnacle of this, creating a sense of openness between herself and her music, leaving no words unsaid. She melts together indie and folk elements with a classic rock guitar mustering up something truly timeless, her airy timbre floating over top. Her newest release ‘Back to the Start’ has become my newest favorite track for moments where I need to come back to center. Her voice is raw and soulful as she sheds off the days where she found herself lost in someone else, watching them roll down her spine and onto the pavement beneath her. Lyrics like ‘I'm not a lesson, not here to teach you’ bring you so close to Greene's rhetoric, leaving you with a feeling of intimacy that's often hard to find. Being able to step into the mind of a writer and feel what they are feeling through something as seemingly simple as melody and voice is what I cherish most about music, and Georgia was truly mastered this. Her debut single ‘Lonely for You’ literally breaks my heart with every listen, it’s that slow burning and deep cutting sense of hopelessness. Staring at the face that has always felt like home but knowing there’s no one there but the ghost of them, and the painful, rigorous search to find where everything went wrong. An endless longing that consumes you wholly and infinitely. Within the three minutes of this song you are being swept up into a hazy and treacherous whirlwind of emotion. Something you can feel sitting right at your core, lingering for days to come.


Be sure to stream newest single by Georgia Greene, 'Back to the Start' here, and keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter!

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