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Weekly Women Wednesday Vol. XIII - GRANT

February 21, 2019

Swedish singer/songwriter GRANT is making the most intoxicating blend of gritty alt-pop and dance-y girls night anthems that you simply need in your life. In her debut record ‘In Bloom’ GRANT shows us every side of her character, drifting through 10 atmospheric tracks, building her multidimensional universe. Leading single ‘Waterline’ is a big belt-y power song, accompanied by a deep hymnal-esque choir, she sings of her efforts to keep her head above the water and stay afloat. One of my personal favorites from ‘In Bloom’ lays on the other end of the genre spectrum, titled ‘Lightyears’. Opening with a big orchestral string section and moving into a low sultry chorus, radiating with an RnB feel, GRANT proves the can really do it all. Not only does GRANT impress sonically, she also consistently follows through with stunning and unique visuals. Her music video for ‘Catcher in the Rye’ is particularly stunning with eccentric and editorial imagery, everything from the choreography to the color palette screams high fashion. Everything that GRANT creates is cinematic, rich with her own culture and personal touch. Whether you need a lusty dance track like ‘Body Electric’ or a dark and vengeful song like ‘Wicked’, GRANT will never fail to sweep you away into her whimsy world.


Be sure to check out Grant on Instagram, and stream her debut record 'In Bloom' here!

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