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New Single 'Fallingwater' by Maggie Rogers

June 6, 2018

Maggie Rogers steps back into our lives with her first release since the release of her synth-rich single ‘Split Stones’, and she is baring her heart to us, as truthful as ever. Fallingwater opens with deep percussion, mimicking the patter of a heart beat or tumbling currents.


“It’s a song that celebrates rapid change and how simultaneously scary and electric it can feel.”


Maggie writes, and this track rings true, moving through what sounds and feels like all of the fear, excitement, and vulnerability that comes with inevitable change. Ending in a strong soulful counterpoint, Maggie (along with collaborating producer Rostam Batmanglij) leaves listeners humming along to the beautiful melodies and heartfelt refrains.


Listen to Fallingwater HERE

Watch music video below



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